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Starans – E-shop Creation

Build your own online store with Starans. We will choose the right e-commerce platform that best fits your unique business needs. We will help you extend the functionality of your online store with custom plug-ins and modifications to core software modules. We will design a unique custom template that best reflects your brand. We will integrate your e-shop with your back office applications and third party services (electronic payments, social media, etc). We will migrate your precious data (categories, products, customers, etc) from the old platform to your new online store.

The development of the e-commerce is spectatular. Millions of online users purchased online products or services that valued billion of Euros. Measurements are clear… if you want to get a piece of the pie you have to get your own online store, with: Secure Transactions through Banks – Multiple Searching Filters – Visibility in Search Engines – Free Training for your staff – Your iPhone or Android Application – High Standards Hosting – Content Management System.

We take over the interconnection of your e-shop with the absolute measurement tool: Google Analytics. Find out which pages of your e-shop have the most visibility, where do your potential customers come from (funnel tracking), see how effectively you utilize your keywords and if the Google Ads campaign you are currently running has the desired effect on sales.

If someone described you an ideal situation in which you would receive daily the orders from your partners without employing staff, would you be satisfied? The usefulness of the Business-2-Business track of e-commerce has been built in the absence of intermediaries between your company and the companies cooperating with you, thus drastically reducing the cost of sale and increasing your credibility. An important advantage is that the registration of the orders is made by your codes’ database and therefore the probability of error is eliminated, if we also consider that the environment of the transaction is designed in line with the requirements of the particular implementation.

If you want your sales network to be dedicated to the promotion/expansion of your customer base and not to the recording of the orders, Starans’ solution will cover you completely. The main objective of a successful online store is the customer to be able to add easily products to the cart and complete the order. There shouldn’t be needed a lot of steps between the selection and purchase of a product. And certainly the buying process should not be difficult, because it would prevent the prospective customer to complete the purchase.

In Starans through dozens of usability tests, we have developed procedures to complete the purchase in one page (One Page Checkout) and products purchase procedures without subscription.

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